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Fire Repair & Restoration in Angier, NC:

This article outlines the fire repair process for a badly damaged home in Angier, NC.

At 6:30 a.m. on October 10, 2020, the family dogs snuck into the bedroom and woke up Ms. Wall, who’d been sleeping soundly on her family farm in Angier, North Carolina. Thinking there must have been a thunderstorm and the dogs were afraid, Wall rolled out of bed and headed to the back door. She expected to see lightning blazing through the sky. Instead, she saw flames engulfing her garage. 

A call to 911 jump-started her day. RestorePro would later come in to save it. 

Over the course of the next 10 months, the RestorePro team would walk with the Wall family through the ups and downs of restoring a home that had been heavily damaged by fire and smoke. They would oversee contractors and vendors as they gutted the home and then rebuilt it from the original blueprints — giving the Walls a fully restored version of the home they’d always loved. 

The Challenges Facing the Wall Family:

Although the firefighters arrived soon enough to contain the fire quickly, the house wasn’t livable for nearly a year. 

“The fire came into the kitchen,” Wall explains. “There’s a door that goes out to the garage, and the fire came in and burned some of the kitchen cabinets. It got up into the attic. As the firefighters worked to put everything out and shot water into the attic, the ceiling in the kitchen, dining area, and pantry came down. The house itself was mainly smoke damaged. There was some damage to the kitchen cabinets, the outside door was burned, and the pantry door was burned some because that’s where it came in. Other than that, it was smoke damage, and some of the joists in the attic were charred.” 

Ms. Wall

Why the Wall Family Chose RestorePro:

The Walls put in a claim with their insurance company that night and talked with an agent the next day. 

“The agent recommended RestorePro,” says Ms. Wall. “With no idea what to do, I asked him where we should start. And he said if he were in my shoes, he’d want RestorePro to to perform the fire repair and restoration. So it was settled. He and a RestorePro team member met me at the house that afternoon.”

How RestorePro Managed The Fire Repair Process:

In a time of crisis, no one wants to go searching for the help they need. In Sechrest’s case, he didn’t have

“I said to the RestorePro team member, ‘You’re gonna have to recommend somebody to do the construction. And he said, ‘Oh, we take care of all that.’ I thought, ‘Well, this is wonderful.’ So they did. And it went from there. The team stayed in touch with me about all they were doing.” 

The Wall Family, Angier, NC Fire Repair and Smoke Damage Restoration Customer 

When RestorePro and the insurance agent got on site, they walked through the damaged home to begin the process of assisting the Wall family with their restoration. The next day, they started taking care of the artwork, electronics, clothes, and furniture — removing, cleaning, and storing what was salvageable. 

As the process continued and permits were granted, crews eventually gutted the entire home and used original blueprints to rebuild. 

“They took the walls down and the first layer of floor up, leaving the sub floor,” says Wall. “Replaced the ceiling and all the joists in the roof. They also smoke sealed the studs because there’d been so much smoke in here. And even though the house itself didn’t burn inside, there was so much heat from the fire that it broke the glass in the windows. And it broke the glass in some of the pictures I had hanging in the living room. It was really a mess in here for not having burned.” 

“When the RestorePro team said “we take care of everything, building and all; they lifted the burden off of my shoulders. You hear all these horror stories about building contractors not doing good work. With RestorePro contractors, seeing them work, you know you don’t have anything to worry about.” 

Ms. Wall

The Results:

The Walls love their restored home. “Everything’s fine. We have a new house,” says Ms. Wall. “The only thing that changed was the vinyl plank flooring that replaced the carpet. Other than that, it’s all from the original blueprints.” 

Who You Call Matters:

If you’ve experienced a house fire that’s damaged the home you love, reach out to RestorePro. We can take the entire process of restoration out of your hands, rebuilding your home while you rebuild your life. Our fire repair and restoration teams arrive immediately and help put your mind at ease during this difficult time.

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