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Storm Damage Repair in Durham, NC

Durham, NC is no stranger to storms and storm damage to local area homes and businesses. While damage from storms can come with little-to-no warning, our rapid response teams are readily available 24/7. We pride ourselves on providing superior storm restoration services while also providing compassion and peace of mind throughout the entire restoration process. While there are storm damage restoration companies to choose from in Durham and the Triangle, none can match the customer experience and quality of work that we bring to the table for our clients. If you have experienced storm damage and need immediate assistance, contact our Durham, NC office immediately.

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Storm Damage Cleanup Durham, NC

Fastest Response Time

When your home experiences a storm damage event, acting fast is essential. At all times, RestorePro Reconstruction has 24/7 emergency operators standing by. In most cases, our Storm Damage team is on-site within an hour of your call. From there, our team will help you understand the process, investigate the area, and depending on the severity of the storm and damage, do whatever we can to protect your home from future damage. When damage from a storm occurs in your home you may experience flood and water damage to your home or business. This is why working with a licensed damage restoration company makes all of the difference. We don’t just want to repair your immediate damage, our team of experts will perform all cursory checks to ensure your home or business isn’t at harm for future issues caused by this damaging event.

Storm Damage Experts:

From there, no matter the situation, our team will appoint a single point of contact and remain in contact with you daily until the restoration process is complete. The damage restoration business has a lot of moving parts, and over the 30+ years of serving within the Triangle, we have found that communication is absolutely paramount when it comes to properly serving the client.

Commercial Storm Damage Repair in Durham, NC

Commercial Storm Damage

Make no mistake about it, businesses in Durham experience weather-related damage events every single year. Storm damage can disrupt daily work schedules, displace team members, and result in an overall drop in production over a long period of time. At RestorePro Reconstruction, we have always prided ourselves at being among the fastest responders to a commercial storm damage call. Over the years, however, we have created multiple services to bring a proactive approach to storm damage events to our commercial clients.

Priority Service Agreements: Our priority service agreements will allow your business to take priority service in the event of a mass damage event. Our priority service agreements are completely free and are offered on a contract-free basis.

Ready Action Plan: Our Ready Action Plan application allows your company to securely store vital documents, upload floor plans of your business, and also create a profile and plan in the instance of a storm-damage event. From any smartphone, tablet, or computer, you and your team can access your RAP profile.

Services like our PSA’s and RAP are just another set of tools that make the experience of working with RestorePro Reconstruction different from our local and even national competitors. We blend top-tier storm damage reconstruction with the highest-rated customer service experience for Restoration Companies in all of the Carolinas.

Services Associated With Storm Damage Repair

Tarping and Boarding: When your home is damaged by a storm, it’s important to stop all immediate access for moisture to enter your home. Our team will be on-site immediately with the necessary items to ensure your home or business doesn’t incur additional damage if at all possible.

Water Damage Repair: Storms can affect roof flashings, windows, and flood poorly graded areas causing water to come into your home or business. RestorePro is the highest-rated water damage restoration company in Durham. Our water mitigation and restoration processes are second to none.

Mold Removal & Remediation: Storm damage, in many cases, can cause unforeseen damage. We often see a damage event that is finally visible to our clients but has been an issue for quite some time. In the Durham, NC climate it doesn’t take much for mold to develop. Based on our assessment of your storm damage, we can determine if further testing or inspections are necessary.

Roof Repair: North Carolina neighborhoods are adorned with tall pine trees. In high winds, pines can tend to topple over. Not only can we assist in downed tree removal, but we can also repair your roof to its pre-damaged state in no time.

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