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Fire Damage Restoration Serving Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas.

If you experience fire damage in your home or business, you may require fire damage restoration services. While many companies across the country offer damage restoration services, it’s important to work with a company that has the experience, compassion, and empathy to help you through this difficult time. Fire and Smoke damage can occur at any time. Even if the extent of the fire damage is small and contained, it makes sense to contact a reputable company to ensure the safety of the environment. Even if the event was small there may be lingering smoke damage that can be remedied using the proper professional services and techniques. Many of our clients are surprised to find that items they thought would have to be discarded are actually able to be completely restored.

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Fire Damage Restoration in Greensboro, NC

If You Experience Fire Damage - Act Fast

Unlike other damage restoration services like water damage, where some of the work can be done by untrained professionals. Fire and Smoke Damage is best left to a professionally certified company. In most cases that involve fire, the fire department will be on-site to extinguish the fire and check the home or business for further damage and structural integrity. The fire department is great, but their job doesn’t involve cleaning. They are trained to extinguish the fire and then secure the area until you can call in a professional restoration company.

Once they have finished up at your location, there may still be lingering smoke damage that makes using any materials in the affected areas unsafe for use

At RestorePro Reconstruction we know the importance of getting your home or business back to normal. We pride ourselves on having the fastest response times in the industry and are widely regarded as one of the highest-rated fire damage restoration companies in the nation.

Fire Damage Repair in Greensboro, NC

Subfloor and Foundation Inspection

Inspecting the foundation of your home after fire damage is essential. Not only can the actual fire harm your foundation and load-bearing walls, water used to extinguish the fire could also impact your structural integrity. If your foundation was compromised in the fire, it’s important to have a certified fire damage restoration company with structural engineers inspect your home to determine if repairs are necessary. In some cases, foundations may have to be replaced completely.

Fire Damage Restoration

Proactive Fire Damage Restoration Planning:

One of the services we rolled out in 2020 was proactive planning services for our local commercial clients. Our Ready Action Plan & Priority Service Agreements will allow our representatives to consult with you, get a plan of action in place, and even store company-specific information that might not survive a fire or large damage event. We have found that any preparation businesses can take will drastically decrease any durations they may of lost productivity and lost revenue.

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