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Storm Damage Restoration Services Serving Greenville, SC & Surrounding Areas

Greenville, SC, although nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is still prone to experiencing major storms such as hurricanes that can create the need for storm damage restoration services. RestorePro Reconstruction is proud to offer storm damage restoration along with flood damage & water damage restoration. Our storm damage restoration services include debris removal, roof repair/replacement, interior and exterior repairs, and more.

Whether it’s a hurricane or just heavy winds and rain that have caused the need for storm damage repairs in Greenville, SC, RestorePro Reconstruction is here to help! We understand how difficult these times can be which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services to both commercial and residential clients. If you’re in need, call immediately.

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Greenville, SC storm damage restoration

Residential Storm Damage Restoration

There are many ways for your home to be damaged by storms to such a degree that you will need to call a licensed storm damage restoration company. While anyone living near Greenville, SC can attest to the occasional thunder and lightning storm, it’s actually hurricanes that create most of the reported storm damage in our area. While other parts of the country are prone to higher instances of direct hurricane damage, we get our fair share of contact. Wind, rain, and downed trees are usually the results if and when we do experience some fallout from hurricanes. We’re also not immune to the occasional tornado. Hail and high winds can cause extensive damage to your home. Greenville, SC also is home to several species of pines. Pine trees can grow incredibly high but notoriously have a very shallow root bed. Pine trees near your home can cause massive damage during high winds and high rain.


How Storms Can Damage Your Home:

Large storms can cause a number of issues for your home. It’s for this reason alone that if you experience storm damage, it’s essential to work with a company that can help you in ALL areas of your storm damage restoration project. A home that has significant roof damage during a larger storm with rain, may require water mitigation services. Storm damage and water damage usually go hand in hand. It’s important to work with a company that can handle any/all of your needs at once.

You Might Require Storm Damage Restoration if you Experience The Following:

  1. Wind Damage: Strong winds associated with storms can cause significant damage to roofs, siding, windows, and doors. Wind can lift shingles, tear off roof materials, break windows, and even uproot trees that can fall onto homes.
  2. Hail Damage: Hailstorms can cause damage to roofs, siding, windows, and other exterior surfaces of a home. Hailstones can dent or crack roofing materials, break windows, and damage siding, leading to potential water infiltration.
  3. Flooding: Heavy rain or storms with excessive rainfall can result in flooding, especially if the home is located in a low-lying area or near bodies of water. Floodwaters can enter the home, causing damage to the foundation, walls, flooring, electrical systems, and personal belongings.
  4. Water Damage: Even without significant flooding, storms can still cause water damage. Leaks or breaches in the roof, windows, or doors can allow water to seep into the home, leading to water damage, mold growth, and structural problems.
  5. Lightning Strikes: Lightning during storms can pose a risk to homes, particularly if it strikes the building directly. Lightning can cause fires, damage electrical systems, and even lead to structural damage.
  6. Falling Trees and Debris: Strong winds during storms can cause trees, branches, or other debris to fall onto homes, resulting in significant damage to the roof, walls, or windows.
  7. Power Surges: Electrical storms can cause power surges that can damage electronic devices, appliances, and electrical systems in a home if they are not properly protected by surge protectors.
  8. Tornadoes: Severe storms, particularly tornadoes, can cause severe and widespread damage to homes. Tornadoes can tear roofs off, collapse walls, and completely destroy buildings in their path.
Storm Damage Restoration

Downed Tree Removal & Repair

RestorePro Reconstruction operates in three states and with offices in eight cities across the Southeast. When high storms affect the communities in which we work and live, downed trees are among the highest-reported occurrences. Not only can downed trees cause damage to your home, but they can also cause downed powerlines. In the event of downed trees near your home or neighborhood, call a licensed tree removal company.

We offer emergency tree removal and repair services for any commercial or residential property that has been affected by a storm. If you’re in the Greenville, SC area and need emergency tree removal services due to a storm, contact RestorePro Reconstruction today. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help!

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration in Greenville, SC

Commercial Storm Damage Restoration:

When your commercial property experiences storm damage, call our storm damage restoration team today. We understand the importance of quick response times and will have a team of experienced technicians onsite quickly to assess the damage and begin repairs. Whether your business has been damaged by water, wind, or hail, RestorePro Reconstruction can help. Our emergency storm damage restoration services include debris removal, roof repair/replacement, and interior and exterior repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Proactive Damage Restoration Planning:

At RestorePro Reconstruction, we know that downtime in any industry is absolutely devastating to everyone in the company. This is why we offer Ready Action Plan (TM). Ready Action Plan (TM) is a web-based disaster planning application that allows easy access to company documents, continuity plans, emergency vendors, and critical building information. When disaster strikes, having the right information can make all the difference. We offer RAP to any commercial clients in our area absolutely free of charge. For more information, contact our Greenville, SC office today.

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