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Fire & Smoke Damage Repair in Durham, NC

Smole and fire damage, whether on a large or small scale, can be quite devastating to homeowners and business operators alike. When a fire occurs at your home or business, speed is of the essence. RestorePro is headquartered right here in Durham, NC, we have been serving in Durham for over 30 years. For instances like fire and smoke damage, we can be on-site within minutes of your call. 

Our expert teams will be on-site to communicate with the homeowner or property manager directly. This one-to-one method of communication truly sets us apart.  We will communicate daily to the extent of damage, and relay each step of the fire and smoke restoration process. The damage restoration business has many moving parts, and RestorePro above all others in the Carolinas achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Fire Restoration in Durham, NC

Residential Fire & Smoke Damage RestorationDurham's fastest and most reliable fire restoration team

When you experience fire and smoke damage in your home, you need to call on a company that can take care of the entire damage restoration process. Our teams will be on-site within minutes of your call to help you and your family through this difficult process. When families experience fire and smoke damage there are more questions than answers. At RestorePro, we know we have a job to do, but first and foremost, we need to tend to the needs of the family. For starters, we always lead with compassion. We are a people-first company and that means that you and your family in your time of need are our number one priority. Secondly, our experienced smoke and fire damage restoration project managers will walk you through their plan of action. Third, you will have daily correspondence with your project manager.

Fire Damage to Your Items:

In most cases, fire remediation and ensuring a home is properly restored for your family to return is the easy part. What is broken can be fixed. The arduous process of restoring (when possible) damaged items that hold sentimental value is always the hardest part for our clients and our team. Rest assured, our team will do everything in our power to get you, your family, and your precious memories safely back home. In recent years, fire damage restoration technology has grown which can now allow for more of your household items to be repaired vs replaced. Antiques and family heirlooms may not need to be replaced. Our fire damage restoration team will assess your damage, talk to you about options, and put a plan in place to get your home back to normal. 

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Durham, NC

Commercial Fire Restoration

When you experience fire and smoke damage in your business or building experience and planning matter. RestorePro has been serving the Carolinas for 30+ years. This experience is what makes us one of the highest-rated restoration companies in the United States. What is seldomly discussed is how our experience and longevity has paved the way for superior communication, compassion, planning, and process. Our processes, honed over the last 30 years serving the Triangle, allows us to work faster and more efficiently. Our goal is to get you and your employees safely back at work as soon as possible. We continuously meet and exceed our deadlines and our experience is the driving force.

We also have developed systems and solutions that provide a proactive planning measure for our commercial clients. We have also invested in proactive software development that provides a safe and secure location for document storage in the instance of a major damage event. We also offer free Priority Service Agreements to ensure immediate and prompt response to your business in the event of an on-site damage emergency. Proactive measures for damage restoration services for our commercial clients in Durham, NC are yet another way RestorePro sets the standard for commercial restoration services.

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