Water Damage Repair - Clayton, NC

Damage Restoration Services in Clayton, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction remains on call 24 hours a day for business, home, and flooded basement cleanup, repair, for flood damage restoration in Clayton.

Withint an hour of your call, we arrive on the scene to remediate the cause of flooding, begin removing water and move personal items offsite for drying and restoration. With the most advanced structural drying technology available, we protect the foundation and support of your home or business, returning moisture levels to normal. Once water has been completely removed, we repair or replace damaged cosmetic and structural building components.

Our support staff will also handle insurance claims directly, making sure to document accurately the repairs needed and personal belongings lost. It’s all part of the full-service flood damage restoration service in Clayton that you can expect from RestorePro Reconstruction.

Ceiling Water Damage Repair - Clayton, NC

Roof damage from storms, leaky or burst pipes, and various other causes can make your ceiling leak or cause water damage. RestorePro Reconstruction provides the water damaged ceiling restoration and ceiling leak repair services in Clayton, NC, and surrounding service areas you need. With high tech tools like moisture meters, we can determine the source of any leak and make the necessary repairs. Whether a pipe needs fastening, shingles require replacement, or excess moisture must be removed, we have the proper equipment and know-how to provide the ceiling leak cleanup and ceiling leak repair services you need. Once cleanup and repair are complete, we ensure complete water damaged ceiling restoration. Your ceiling will look like the damage never occurred. Contact RestorePro Reconstruction for ceiling leak cleanup, ceiling leak repair, and water damaged ceiling restoration in Clayton, NC.

Ceiling Water Damage Repair - Clayton, NC

Smoke & Fire Damage Repair - Clayton, NC

If fire or smoke damage has ravaged your home or business in Clayton NC, RestorePro Reconstruction can restore your space. Experienced technicians can expertly perform fire and smoke damage cleanup, repair, and restoration services. We not only test and remove damaged items and building material, but can make repairs to the cosmetic and structural facets of your space. Whether your foundation, load bearing walls, joints, rafters, and beams need repair or drywall, paint, or wallpaper need attention, our licensed disaster restoration company can provide the repairs you need.

Complete fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration is the goal of any job we perform after a fire. RestorePro Reconstruction has advanced equipment to remove fire and smoke damage and restore the area and its contents. From furniture and rugs to clothing, stuffed animals, and other personal belongings, we have the right equipment and expert knowledge to restore your items. In the event an item is not able to be restored, we carefully document it along with all other facts from your smoke and fire damage event to file a claim with your insurance carrier. When you experience fire damage in Clayton NC, trust the area experts in fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration, RestorePro Reconstruction.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in Clayton, NC

Storm Damage Repair - Clayton, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction is your 24/7 source for storm damage in Clayton NC. No matter when storm damage issues arise, our team of dedicated technicians is ready to respond with all of your storm damage restoration service needs. We provide the very best storm damage cleanup and storm damage repair services available in the Triangle. We quickly respond to damage from wind, hail, lightning, floods, and other problems left in the wake of storms. RestorePro Reconstruction is your full-service emergency restoration company in Clayton NC. Whether you require services for water damage, smoke and fire damage, mold, or any other storm-related disaster, RestorePro Reconstruction will handle the work quickly and professionally. Whatever your Clayton NC storm damage needs, contact RestorePro Reconstruction 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Storm Damage Repair in Clayton, NC

Mold Testing & Removal in Apex, NC

Detecting mold is easy if you can see it, but what about mold development in attics, basements, sub-flooring, walls, and other areas that can’t be observed? RestorePro Reconstruction has high-tech mold detection and mold testing services for all areas of your home or business. Contact us for mold testing if you have these or other similar conditions in your property:

  • moldy or musty smells, particularly when turning on HVAC systems
  • High levels of humidity or visible condensation
  • Water damage or leaks in your roof or ceiling
  • Previous issues with flooding, sewer backups, or other water damage
  • Persistent, untreatable cold & flu symptoms, including sneezing, cough, & watery, red eyes
Mold Testing and Removal in Clayton, NC

Sewer Backup Cleanup in Apex, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction is more than just a sewage removal company. Not only do we provide septic and sewage backup cleanup, we will also repair and restore all areas in your Clayton NC business or home that have been affected. Upon arrival, our sewage and septic tank backup cleanup responders will create barriers to prevent sewage from spreading, then remove sewage, clean, and sanitize the area. Anything sewage has come into contact with is removed and disposed of. Repairs are made to the cosmetic and structural features that have been affected. Drywall, wallpaper, trim, carpet, and anything else affected is repaired or replaced. Your insurance company is contacted directly by our knowledgeable team to file a thorough claim for the repair costs as well as the replacement of personal items requiring disposal. The end result is a space that looks like it did prior to the septic or sewage backup. The team at RestorePro Reconstruction is the name to trust for sewer backup cleaning services, as well as all needed repairs and the complete restoration of your commercial or residential space in Clayton NC.

Sewer Backup Cleanup Clayton, NC

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Apex, NC

Without regular maintenance and cleaning, air ducts can become clogged. Dust, dirt, and mold buildup can occur preventing proper airflow and even create a dangerous fire hazard. Mold and certain other substances in air ducts can also create health problems and cause perishable goods to spoil more quickly. The team at RestorePro Reconstruction can prevent these and other issues by providing commercial air duct cleaning in Clayton NC. Our team will rid your commercial air ducts of buildup, allowing your system to function more efficiently and lowering energy bills. Contact RestorePro Reconstruction for a consultation on Clayton NC commercial air duct cleaning services.