Water Damage Restoration in Greensboro, NC

For over 30 years RestorePro Reconstruction has been serving residential and commercial clients with damage cleanup services. We have expanded our services to now include Greensboro, NC. If your home or business requires storm damage, water damage, mold inspection or remediation, look no further than our fast and effective team members.

We have also expanded our services to include office cleaning and sanitization. Our EPA certified cleaning products can help get you and your employees back to work in a safe and professionally sanitized environment. We have multiple protocols and procedures in place to help fight COVID-19 and other airborne viruses during this difficult time.

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Residential Restoration in Greensboro, NC

North Carolina is no stranger to residential damage from the elements. In most cases, when someone considers the services provided by a Damage Restoration company, many tend to only think about disruptive weather and the damage it can cause to the exterior of a home. While we do provide storm cleanup and exterior restoration services, most of our calls are due to issues inside of your home. As Greensboro, NC continues to be one of the most competitive real estate markets in North Carolina, residents are finding a blend between older homes and newer neighborhoods. Older homes have older appliances. Over time, appliances begin to leak. A leaking refrigerator, water heater, or even garbage disposal can cause subfloor warping, tile damage, and even mold. RestorePro is your one-stop source for all residential damage restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration in Greensboro, NC

Commercial Restoration Services in Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, NC is quietly becoming a hotspot for corporations, breweries, and luxury apartments. As Greensboro grows; developers, and corporations such as Fresh Market, are choosing to update existing buildings. This attention to its existing infrastructure allows Greensboro to grow while keeping the look and feel that makes Greensboro so special and unique.

RestorePro Reconstruction is proud to offer damage restoration services, air duct cleaning, and office sanitization solutions to businesses and offices in Greensboro, NC. Having served in North Carolina for over 30 years, we have built our company by aligning and serving within our communities, earning consistently high reviews by our clients, and developing great and long-lasting relationships.