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Water Damage Restoration

RestorePro Reconstruction offers water damage restoration services from our 6 key locations:

We’re known throughout the Southeast as one of the highest-rated water damage restoration companies, and pride ourselves on our compassion, communication, and top-tier craftsmanship. We are an IICRC certified company and can perform water-related restoration services on both commercial and residential properties. 

Water damage, even something small, can lead to larger issues if left unattended, or improperly mitigated.  Even when the damage seems minuscule, moisture can lead down to the subfloor and cause issues over time. The best thing to do in the event of a water-related issue in your home or business is to call the experts. Our team will be on-site within an hour of your call, and you will maintain one direct line of communication during the entirety of your restoration project.

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What is Water Damage Remediation?

Remediation is the process of cleaning, drying, and sanitizing any structural damage caused by water. This may include removing excess moisture from your home’s carpets, flooring, damaged drywall, and water-damaged structural elements of your home or business.

Water damage restoration is not merely the drying and repairing of your home or business, we make them safe again. In areas of the Southeast, improper water damage restoration techniques can result in further issues such as mold or even structural damage. Our process is designed to restore your home or business to its pre-damaged state and put your mind at ease.

The water damage restoration process:

  • Assessment of Damage: The first step is to understand the extent of the damage and to catalog what equipment will be needed to get your property back to pre-damage condition. Water damage is typically dependent on the porosity of the materials the water has contaminated as water damage is really essentially water absorption. During this step, we use a number of different tools to rate the damage into specific categories. 
  • Water Removal Process: Based on the extent of the damage and porosity of the materials infected with absorbed water, we begin our water removal process. The use of industrial fans, wet vacs, and even the removal of damaged and irreparable materials happens at this time. 
  • Dehumidification and Drying: Once the water has been extracted, making sure that all materials are completely dry is essential. During this point of the process, your home may actually look and feel dry. This is where a lot of DIY water removal jobs take a negative turn. Our staff will ensure that all damaged property is completely dried during this process to prevent further issues. 
  • Sanitization and Cleaning: All surfaces that have experienced exposure to water damage are properly cleaned and sanitized during this process. This process ensures that there are no other harmful materials left on sub-layers that could lead to further damage issues. 
  • Restoration Process: When all previous stages are completed, we move on to restoring your home or business to its pre-damage condition. Your project manager will be in contact with you daily. At RestorePro Reconstruction, we believe that quality workmanship needs to go hand in hand with unparalleled communication to our clients and team members.

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