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COVID-19 Cleaning in Durham, NC

As businesses return to work, indoor air quality is going to be a major driving force for employee health and safety. Durham, NC is home to one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate markets in the United States. As we learn to live and work in this “new normal” we have created a multi-tiered approach to COVID-19 cleaning

At our core, we are a restoration and mitigation company. As COVID began to affect our clients across the Carolinas, we began to understand more about the correct ways to clean and sanitize with a multi-tiered approach. While initially, we created this program to help our healthcare and essential clients, we are committed to creating multiple COVID-19 and office sanitization protocols as we move forward. 

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Office Sanitization and Cleaning Services in Durham, NC

COVID Tier 1 Cleaning:

We believe that proactive office sanitization is going to be a mainstay of our company for years to come. Preventative cleaning will consist of using an EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant mist. Our technicians will fog all heated and heavy traffic areas of your office or office building. It’s important to understand that preventative cleaning and office sanitization is if and only if a virus is not present. While hospital-grade office sanitization fogging can assist in the prevention of the spread of airborne viruses, additional cleaning services and treatments are needed if a virus is present. 

COVID-19 Cleaning

COVID Tier 2 Cleaning Illness present but not confirmed Corona Virus

As COVID-19 began to severely affect our clients in the Carolinas, one of the hardest situations to overcome was in the event of an in-office illness while COVID testing results were pending. Our Tier 2 solution is to treat your office or office building with our EPA certified hospital-grade fogging along with an aggressive cleaning and sanitization of all common area touch points. 

COVID Cleaning Tier 3: Confirmed Case of Corona Virus

When COVID-19 has been confirmed and based on any new and applicable laws, our Tier 3 solution will help mitigate and sanitize your office from COVID-19. Our Tier 3 solution calls for aggressive cleaning and disinfection of all areas within your office or office building. All walls, cabinets, touchpoints, computers, and equipment will be effectively sanitized with the strongest EPA certified disinfectant solutions permitted. 

Office Sanitization Services

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything its that proper maintenance and respect needs to be paid to the quality of the air we breathe and how we sanitize the places we live and work. God willing, COVID-19 will be a distant memory someday, but we need to focus on preventative measures that will ensure the health and safety of our peers. At RestorePro Reconstruction, we’re committed to the effective treatment and mitigation of COVID-19 for our commercial clients. Our virus mitigation services can be used for offices that experience other viral exposures that want to put their employee’s minds at ease. 

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