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Water Damage Restoration Serving Wilmington, NC & New Hanover County

Water damage restoration is one of our most requested services in Wilmington, NC. If you live in Wilmington, NC long enough, you’ll experience or be close to someone that experiences water and/or flood damage. Historically, Wilmington gets hit by a hurricane every 1.68 years. While hurricanes create massive flood and water damage issues, Wilmington residents and business owners also experience large weather events that cause severe damage that isn’t at hurricane levels.

While we are new to the Wilmington area, we have ventured out this way when this area has been hit hard by storms and flooding. Our Durham & Raleigh-based teams have helped with storm damage restoration projects in the Wilmington, NC area for the last 5-6 years.  We chose to open our Wilmington, NC location (now our 7th within the Southeast) simply because we have created a wonderful bond with companies and homeowners over the years and know that we can bring a high level of knowledge and work ethic to this thriving area. We’re a full-service damage restoration company and widely regarded as one of the highest-rated companies in our industry nationally. 

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Water Damage Restoration in Wilmington Nc

Water Damage Removal Serving Wilmington & Surrounding Areas

When your home experiences water and/or flood damage time is of the essence. The climate here in Wilmington, NC is perfect for mold-related issues that can begin to take effect within hours of even a small water-damage event. As a premier water damage and flood restoration company, our team will arrive on-site within minutes of your call to help you and your family.

Immediate Water Damage Assistance:

Any water damage event is a traumatic experience and our project managers are not only equipped to handle all aspects of scheduling and repairs, but we also will help put you and your family at ease and will remain in constant communication throughout the entire restoration process. Water damage restoration can throw numerous curveballs during the restoration process, and we have found that direct client access to their project manager will help all parties involved navigate through the restoration process. 

Commercial Water Damage Repair

Flooding or water damage can be extremely damaging to your business. Displacement of employees, or having to lose valuable foot traffic while the restoration process is underway, can be a major financial hit to your business. This is why we always emphasize speed and proactive procedures to ensure your company is doing everything possible to reduce the time spent or financial impact of a flood or water damage event. Our water restoration team will arrive on-site with all of the latest drying and water removal equipment. We also offer proactive services to help our commercial clients stay ahead of the game in the event of a major restoration that can impact your business. Our Priority Service Agreements are a free resource for our commercial clients that gives your company absolute priority if a major event affects more than one business in our area. Our Ready Action Plan Software is also available to you. This software can harness important information company information such as floor plans, people to contact, and other pertinent information that most clients scramble to collect when their business is impacted. At RestorePro Reconstruction, we have the technical knowledge to get your company back to it’s pre-damaged condition faster than anyone in the area. We offer 24/7 emergency water & flood damage restoration services in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas. 

Refining Emergency Restoration Services

We believe that the best ability is availability. As one of the fastest-growing restoration and repair companies in the nation, we’ve made a steadfast decision that our growth will never impact our ability to serve our clients in a timely manner. We arrive on-site and ready to work with the newest technology and unparalleled experience. Our project managers will assist you in understanding our process from start to finish and will be in constant contact with you. We believe in direct communication between our Project Managers and our clients. We’re a 24/7 emergency restoration company and offer the same level of service to our clients that are going through extremely difficult times.

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