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Mold Removal in Knoxville, TN

The presence of mold in your home or business can be a serious issue. For homeowners, mold can lead to health and respiratory issues in everything from family members to pets. If your home or business has mold, please call a certified mold removal and mitigation company.

Mold in your home could also be a sign of structural damage caused by years of water damage or another unforeseen water-related problem.  RestorePro Reconstruction is at the forefront of mold removal services throughout the southeast. 

For business owners, mold can lead to everything from respiratory problems for you and your employees to major equipment and HVAC failures. 

If you suspect mold to be present in your home or business in Knoxville, TN or surrounding areas, call our Knoxville, TN location and talk to our mold removal specialists.

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Mold Testing in Knoxville, TN

Third-Party Mold Testing

To understand the severity of your mold issue, we must first test for mold. At RestorePro Reconstruction, we possess all of the necessary equipment, credentials, and expertise to remove all mold and damaged materials. When it comes to testing, we choose to use a third party mold testing company. 

Why? Well, our main objective is to operate with absolute transparency. In order to do that, we want to ensure that your home or business actually HAS a mold issue. Furthermore, once your mold has been properly removed and abated, we want to ensure that your home or business no longer has any traces of mold. We find that a third-party mold testing solution ensures that our clients can trust the entire process of their mold remediation project. 

Mold Removal in Knoxville, TN

Symptoms Of Mold

Mold affects everyone and everything differently. In most cases, mold has been present for quite some time before a family member or co-worker experiences severe symptoms. In climates as humid as Knoxville, TN, mold can occur even without a major water damage event. Mold symptoms can be everything from cold and flu-like symptoms to sore throat, headaches, and irritability. 

Visible mold symptoms to your home or business can be as simple as excess condensation, roof leaks, flooding, or standing water in crawl spaces. Mold isn’t just for old homes or buildings. In areas throughout the country where new homes, town-homes, apartment buildings, and corporate spaces are being built at record paces, mold can occur just as easily. 

When in doubt, call the professionals. Our removal team will be dispatched directly from our Knoxville office to assist you throughout the entire process. 

For our commercial clients, we offer proactive services that can help your company be as prepared as possible for a commercial damage event. Our Priority Service Agreements are built specifically for your business and give your company priority over all others in the event of a multi-location damage event. Acting fast and proficiently will get you and your employees back to work exponentially faster.

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