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Fire Damage Restoration Serving Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas.

Commercial duct cleaning for your business should be part of your seasonal maintenance process. Proper duct cleaning helps air ducts run more efficiently and keep air quality high. Commercial air duct cleaning is about improving the air flow and air quality, increasing comfort levels for employees and customers, as well as reducing maintenance costs. While the air quality index in Greensboro, NC usually grades out pretty high, pollen, grass, and ragweed allergens usually spike when the weather starts to get warmer. Proper air duct cleaning can remove allergens, mold, and even lingering viruses from your HVAC ducts & system. This can promote a healthier workplace and even prolong the life of your office and business equipment.

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If You Experience Fire Damage - Act Fast

Not only will a proper air duct cleaning service help improve the air flow and operational efforts of your HVAC system, our clients love the way their offices smell after a duct cleaning.

  • air duct & HVAC system cleaning
  • air duct sanitization
  • air duct deodorizing
  • air duct repair where needed

Seasonal Commercial Duct Cleaning:

Properly maintaining equipment is not a strange concept to business owners. Vehicles get proper maintenance, computers are continuously getting upgrades to security. Even office copiers are maintained somewhat regularly. For air ducts, it means regularly scheduled air duct cleaning. The air inside your air ducts is filtered air that you pay to condition and dehumidify. If your ducts aren’t properly cleaned, not only is the air being disseminated throughout your business of poorer quality, the system has to work harder to move the air.

Duct Cleaning Estimates:

We offer free commercial duct cleaning estimates. Simply call our office and our professional staff will communicate our pricing breakdown while also helping you schedule your appointment.

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