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Water Damage Repair in Durham, NC

The average annual rainfall in Durham is usually higher than that of the entire United States. That means people living there are highly likely to experience water damage. Water damage is inevitable and refers to any losses caused by water flooding, with the most common type of loss being property devaluation. We proudly offer water damage repair services to our commercial and residential clients in Durham, NC. It may also result from undetected faulty pipe leakages inside houses, damaged roofs, or harsh weather conditions that damage roofs causing leaks. Restoration seeks to mitigate these losses caused by water using a combination of sophisticated equipment and expertise. Thus, restoration efforts should bring back property to its original condition. RestorePro Reconstruction is headquartered right here in Durham, NC and we’re on call 24/7.

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Water Damage Repair in Durham, NC

Commercial Water Damage Repair

Commercial water damage refers to any losses caused by water at workplaces or business premises. It may result from damaged roofs, faulty windows, pipes, drainage systems, fire sprinkler systems, sewers, and HVAC systems. Water can damage essential business documents, deteriorate office occupants’ health, and jeopardize office occupant safety if water damage to a commercial building goes unnoticed. Only experts with commercial water damage restoration certification are allowed to conduct the restoration process. Water damage restoration should commence as soon as the signs of water damage are noticeable because any delays could lead to even more severe problems.

On reporting about water damage, restoration experts respond with utmost urgency to get commercial buildings and working spaces back to their original states so that business operations continue without inconvenience. The speed also helps ward off any health hazards that may arise from pathogenic agents such as bacteria and fungi. Again, commercial water damage restoration certification gives experts the mandate to handle appropriately and protect organizational equipment from water damage. They also protect and restore essential documents.

Water Damage Restoration in Durham, NC

Residential Water Damage Restoration

Residential water damage restoration involves buildings used for residence and the property inside. The climate in and around Durham is very unpredictable and can get extreme. In residential houses, water damage can cause deterioration in the value of home furnishings, appliances, and human and pet health. Hence, residential water damage restoration is also very essential. In Durham, common causes of water damage include:

  • Natural disasters: Durham is a flood-prone area. Along with heavy rains, Durham may experience strong winds, hurricanes, and thunderstorms that damage residents’ houses’ roofs. Water then gets in through their roofs to damage any valuable property, such as home appliances and home components such as floors, ceilings, walls, wall painting, and, if not detected in good time, the foundation.
  • Blocked gutters: The heavy rains and strong winds in Durham may hurl around leaves and any other plant debris that may land onto the roofs of houses and then into the gutters along with water. These may then block the drains, and during a downpour, water may overflow from the gutters and trickle down the walls causing severe building weakness. In some cases, water damage may occur on the ceiling edges.
  • Fire Control System Malfunction: In Durham, it is now a requirement that homeowners install automatic sprinkler systems that use water to extinguish fires on activation by either smoke or intense heat. However, these systems may malfunction, leading to water damage on home electronics and furniture, furnishings, and other valuables.
  • Plumbing Issues: Houses in Durham may be having leaks due to loose-fitting of pipes or pipes bursting due to intense water tank pressure. The pipelines could be leading to water heaters, fire sprinkler systems, washing machines, or reservoir tanks. Regardless of their location, these pipes are potential agents of water damage. A house could have water pipes running either above the ceiling or inside the walls. Such issues cause water damage on wooden or concrete home surfaces.

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