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Mold Removal in Durham, NC

Within 48 hours, mold can inundate your commercial building or home with mold if a slight leak happens. Mold removal and mitigation is best if you act fast. If anyone is exposed to mold, whether at home or in a commercial building, they can face health problems. The organism produces irritants and allergens that are dangerous to people.  The climate in Durham and the Triangle makes all homes and businesses, no matter the age, prime for mold issues.  In most cases, mold can be virtually undetectable and mold removal should be conducted by professionals. If your home has experienced even a minor water damage event it’s important to monitor all affected areas. With mold, it’s always important to be safe. If you suspect mold to be in your home or business, in Durham, NC call the experts at RestorePro.

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Mold Removal Durham, NC

Residential Mold Removal When toxic mold develops, call the experts.

Most people don’t take the presence of mold in their homes seriously. However, mold is hazardous to both your family and home. Mold is usually indicative of a larger issue within your home. Mold is commonly attributed to water-related issues such as roof or even standing water near the foundation. In any event, if mold is present and untreated, the long-term effects on your home can be costly. 

Why Immediate Mold Removal is Important:

Mold is often associated with severe medical issues. In most cases, when we alert a homeowner to the presence of mold in their home, they’re often taken aback because of the lack of symptoms. It’s important to understand that everyone, even the pets in your home, can have a wide-ranging sensitivity and symptoms to mold exposure. 

The most frequent health effects it will have include:

  • Skin irritation due to the allergens and irritants
  • Headaches
  • Allergic reactions
  • Nausea
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Aggravation of asthma symptoms.
Mold Remediation Durham, NC

Commercial Mold Removal

When mold is present in your commercial office or building the safety of your employees immediately comes to mind. RestorePro has been providing mold removal and abatement solutions in Durham, NC for over 30 years. Not only do we pride ourselves on our outstanding workmanship, but our experts can also lend our experience in other key areas. Our experienced staff can help you plan for your employee’s time out of the office. 

Depending on the industry, age of the building, duration of mold exposure, and age of equipment our team will create a full and complete plan for mold removal. Mold removal in both homes and offices is bookend by testing via a third-party mold testing company. This ensures that mold is present, mold has been professionally remediated, and mold is not detected after remediation. Our goal is to get you and your employees back to work in a timely manner. Our project manager will be your liaison with daily updates. Keep in mind that mold removal has a lot of moving parts and timelines can fluctuate depending on the severity of infestation. In any event, our team will remain in constant contact with you and your company. 

Third-Party Mold Testing Removing Bias in Mold Detection

Mold can spread throughout an office building very quickly, especially with the climate we experience in Durham, NC. While in most cases, mold is visible, to truly ensure the presence of mold and the complete remediation of mold, RestorePro uses a third-party non-biased company to test prior to and after mold remediation. This testing protocol ensures that the work to be completed is due to the existence of mold and that your family or employees are returning to a completely remediated and safe environment.  We have found that using this method of testing via a third-party company removes all bias and ensures the safety of our clients. 

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