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Accident & Crime Scene Cleanup in Charlotte

When you have an accident or crime that occurs at your home or workplace, it’s imperative that a company, equipped to deal with workplace accident cleanup, be called in to restore beauty, ensure cleanliness and peace of mind for everyone affected. From home to office or crime scene cleanup, a professional team is always the best bet to handle the restoration.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, we have a team of highly-trained professionals, to do that and much more. Many people are unaware that cleaning up after an incident can cause more trauma for everyone involved. Therefore, it’s very important that the team does so with care and respect for those within the environs, throughout the cleanup process.Request a Quote

Highest-Rated in the Carolinas

As one of the highest-rated companies that deal with sewage cleanup in Charlotte, NC we can offer both commercial and residential restoration. No job is too big or small for our staff of trained professionals to handle. Our number one job is to ensure your health and well being while giving you high quality and efficient service. The second our team is on-site, we will be in direct communication with you throughout the entire restoration, remediation, and sanitization process.

It’s very important to treat even a small issue as if it is a major problem. Sewage backups don’t just “happen”. Something that is small now may turn into a larger issue. If you suspect an issue, it is better to call an expert to inspect before it’s too late.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene & Accident Cleanup

Whether you have a biological mess, accident, death, or a criminal incident, RestorePro is equipped to clean and restore the scene anywhere in North & South Carolina. Our very polite team members are able to handle size cleanup of damaging incidents. These can be deaths of any nature, such as a killing, accidental death or even from an infectious disease like the CoronaVirus.
For crime scene cleanup, we work with officials to ensure that things are done according to specifications. We want to make sure that everything requiring cleanup is done, and what is not ready to be touched, remains. We want everyone to be comfortable, by giving you a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment to function in. Never try to do it yourself after a major incident, especially since someone could end up getting hurt again. We are trained for every situation and are always prepared for any eventuality while dealing with a crime or accident scene. Our aim is to relieve you of all pressure so that can focus on recuperating mentally and emotionally. Leave the physical stress to us; as a matter of fact, it’s no stress at all.

An Empathetic Mentality

When the evidence of a distressing event remains for family members or co-workers to see, it can further impair their ability to function effectively. In fact, they may be forced to seek further counseling as the trauma worsens. Once you contact RestorePro Damage Restoration in Charlotte, we make every effort to be there within the hour. The entire mitigation procedure is undertaken with care while you are kept aware of the cleanup status.

When you’ve experienced trauma, it can sometimes leave a permanent scar. We are committed to restoring your home or office; bringing back some semblance of normalcy. This is why our company has the highest ratings across the Carolinas. We take our job seriously and we value you as a client. Our work will never be subpar. We strive to help you cope and the best way to do so is to remove any reminder of the trauma and do so with care and compassion for everyone involved.

Industrial & Commercial Accident Cleanup

Having a Top notch professional cleanup service in Charlotte is important for many reasons. One very important reason is the fact that both North & South Carolina have a large number of commercial and industrial businesses. Despite preparatory steps to ensure the safety of workers, industrial incidents, including deaths are almost unavoidable. Whether the incident is small or major, a workplace accident cleanup team is usually required. Once we receive the call, our very capable team will be there in an hour to help you and your staff get back to normal as soon as possible.

Get your Employees Back to Work:

In order to get employees back to work, they need the reassurance that the place is clean, safe, and free from reminders of the trauma. Therefore contacting RestorePro in order to get your employees working again in a safe environment is critical.
With disinfecting being a topical issue due to Covid-19, we are prepared to thoroughly sanitize your offices, especially after an incident related to the virus. We do Covid-19 sanitization in layers Contact RestorePro today for further information on our workplace cleanup procedures or to schedule one

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