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Water Damage Repair & Mitigation in Durham, NC

My husband and I met you during very desperate times! It certainly wasn’t easy to deal with our water damage in the midst of homeschooling during the pandemic. What a way to transition from 2020 to 2021! 

As soon as you came into our home, you were reassuring. You took your time to methodically detail all the damage and calmly explained the situation to us, step by step. Our questions seemed endless, but you were always patient and had a smile. While working, you and your team were always masked and fully respected social distancing with us. Despite the scale of demolition you did, you left the home amazingly clean. You treated our home like it was your own. Your team’s proactive communication with us and with our insurance company was key in avoiding unnecessary delays. We always knew where things stood. 

When I first called my insurance about this, we were given a choice of mitigation companies to use. RestorePro Reconstruction was one of those companies. We cannot imagine how things would have been if we’d chosen anyone else. 

Certainly, no one wants to experience water mitigation. But, honestly, you and your team made this incredibly smooth and as stress-free as possible. 

If anyone ever asks us for a personal recommendation, it’ll be RestorePro – without a doubt. 

Thank you so much. 

Jennifer R, Durham, NC

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