Damage Restoration Services in Apex, NC

Damage Restoration Services in Garner, NC

At RestorePro Reconstruction, we take residential water damage seriously. When your home in Garner NC is affected, we will provide you the top level service you deserve. Daily monitoring and updates will be provided, and your point of contact will remain constant throughout. This allows you to know exactly who to contact for concerns or questions; you never have to worry about being given the runaround with RestorePro Reconstruction.

While we are able to handle most emergency water damage restoration services and needs, if an outside contractor is required, we contact & contract them and use only the best in the trade. We can even work with your insurance company.

Ceiling Water Damage Repair - Garner, NC

If you have a leaky or water damaged ceiling in Garner, NC, RestorePro Reconstruction is here. We offer complete restoration services for water damage emergencies in Garner and surrounding areas. Whether our ceiling has been damaged by sewer water backup, storms and flooding, malfunction appliances, clogged or broken plumbing, or anything else, trust us to repair water damaged ceilings! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, RestorePro Reconstruction is on call for water damage ceiling repair in Garner, NC.

Gravity causes water damage in ceilings to spread rapidly, so fast response is key. Thankfully, RestorePro Reconstruction is your 24 hour source for water damage needs, including water damage ceiling repair. We arrive in about an hour of your call, fix the cause of your leak, restore, and repair water damaged ceilings. 

Ceiling Water Damage Repair - Garner, NC

Smoke & Fire Damage Repair - Garner, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction is on call 24/7 to handle emergencies stemming from fire damage & smoke damage in Garner, NC. We will arrive quickly at your home & work fast to save your belongings and maintain your home’s structural integrity.

  • Quick response to water damage emergencies
  • Top of the line drying equipment
  • Flood damage & repair services
  • Furniture & decor restoration
  • Document drying & preservation
  • Structural drying
Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration - Garner, NC

Storm Damage Repair - Garner, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction offers 24-hour services for all of your emergency storm damage restoration needs in Garner NC. Whatever damage has occurred, our team of technicians have the tools and training to handle your storm damage service needs. We arrive fast to stop the spread of damage and get started on emergency storm damage cleanup services. Debris is cleared away and your property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Next, we get to work on needed storm damage repair services to the interior and exterior of your home or business. RestorePro Reconstruction can repair damaged roofs and ceilings, siding, gutters, sidewalls, flooring, broken windows, and other repair needs. Our team then again cleans and sanitizes the areas involved before submitting an insurance claim on your behalf. No matter your Garner NC storm damage needs, RestorePro Reconstruction is up to the task. Contact us online or call 919-835-0676 now for these and other storm damage services in Garner NC:

  • Flood Cleanup
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Board Up & Tarp Services
  • Tree, Limb, & Debris Removal
  • Document & Structural Drying Services
  • Smoke, Fire, & Water Damage Restoration
  • And Any Other Storm Damage Restoration Services You Need
Storm Damage Repair in Garner, NC

Mold Testing & Removal in Garner, NC

Don’t allow mold to harm your loved ones and pets! If you suspect you have mold, contact RestorePro Reconstruction in Garner, NC. Our mold remediation experts can test your home for mold and provide complete mold removal & remediation services.

Invisible mold can be difficult to detect but very dangerous. Some common signs of mold in Garner, NC homes include:

  • Sore eyes, sore throat, sneezing, and coughing
  • Musty smells when AC or heat are on
  • High humidity & visible condensation
  • Past flooding or water problems
  • Stained ceilings or walls
  • Poor ventilation
Mold Testing & Abatement in Garner, NC

Sewer Backup Cleanup in Garner, NC

Have you experienced a sewage backup in your Garner NC home or business? RestorePro Reconstruction has the tools, experience, and licensed personnel to handle this dangerous material. Whether you have had septic or sewer line issues, broken pipes, or simply clogged lines, RestorePro is the name to trust for septic tank damage cleanup and sewer backup cleaning. Our sewage backup cleaning services will return your space to the condition it was in before the damage occurred.

Since RestorePro Reconstruction handles all types of water damage emergencies in Garner NC, you can count on us for sewage backup cleaning, repair, and restoration needs. We understand the importance of removing dangerous sewage from your property, how to clean and sanitize to protect health, make professional repairs, and can work directly with your insurance company to file your claim. Don’t leave a sewage backup to just anyone. Let RestorePro Reconstruction handle your sewer backup cleaning and septic tank damage cleanup needs in Garner NC.

Sewer Backup Cleanup in Garner, NC