Residential Flood Damage Cleanup & Repair

When a flood is experienced at your home or business, call on the experts at RestorePro Reconstruction. North Carolina is known for its beautiful, yet sometimes volatile weather. RestorePro Reconstruction specializes in all forms of flood repair and restoration. Proudly serving our North Carolina residential and commercial clients for over 30 years, there isn’t a water-related restoration project we haven’t seen. We offer 24-7 emergency water damage services and are here to serve you.Reconstruction as soon as possible.

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24-7 Emergency Flood Restoration

No matter the cause of the flooding, RestorePro Reconstruction can help. By contacting us, you are entrusting licensed professionals that guarantee:

  • Around the Clock Availability
  • Fast Deployment and Arrival
  • Advanced Drying Technology for Your Belongings
  • Handling of Insurance Claims & Billing Directly With Your Insurance Carrier
  • The Most Thorough Flood Damage Cleanup, Flood Damage Repair, & Flood Damage Restoration Services Available!
Residential Damage Restoration - Fire, Smoke, Water, Wind

What To Do When Your Home Floods:

When you experience flood and water damage, it’s vital that you act fast!

Flood waters contain a number of toxins that endanger health and are corrosive to building materials. Removing theses substances quickly makes all the difference for the health of your family or employees. RestorePro Reconstruction is ready for any flood issue in Raleigh, NC, whether a house, office, or flooded basement cleanup service is required. From the moment you call, we are taking steps to restore your space.

  1. Phase one is flood damage cleanup. This involves removing all standing water and it’s contaminants, items that have been damaged, and a complete sanitizing and cleaning of any areas involved.
  2. Step two is flood damage repair. Drywall, moulding and trim, flooring, and any other building materials damaged are repaired or replaced.
  3. Finally, flood damage restoration takes place. This may involve a fresh coat of paint, document drying, or ensuring your insurance company replaces items that have been damaged beyond repair. Returning your property to pre-flood conditions is the aim of every home or business we restore.

Flood Damage Related Issues

Anyone that has experienced a flood in their home from a natural disaster, or even a water heater or burst pipe will tell you – sometimes the flooding isn’t the worst part. There are so many issues that can arise from even the smallest flooding in your home. 

A simple flood to your home requires expert cleaning and remediation services to ensure that all of the water has been removed and that your home is 100% dry. We pride ourselves at using the most up-to-date technology to ensure that you and your family are moving back into a safe and properly repaired home. 

Flood Damage Causes Mold