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Water Damage Restoration Serving Fayetteville, The Sandhills, and surrounding areas

A water-damage event in your home or business can be a traumatic event. Water damage can happen in an instant and without warning. Residents and business owners in Fayetteville, NC, and surrounding communities are no stranger to water-related issues.

Our experts at RestorePro Reconstruction are tasked with resolving the initial damage, while also reviewing and repairing the root cause of your damage issue. We offer 247 emergency water damage restoration services and will be on-site within an hour of your call.

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Water Damage RepairCeiling, Floors, and More

Water damage repair & remediation is more than just drying your carpets and floors. There are major steps to follow to ensure that your home or business is safe. Fayetteville, NC is known for its hot and humid summer months. If your home or business experiences water damage and an IICRC certified company doesn’t perform the mitigation work, your home could be primed for additional issues as the temperatures rise.

Ceiling Water Damage

A ceiling water leak is one of the more problematic leaks that can occur. As gravity causes water from the leak to flow down, surrounding walls, joists, beams, molding, trim, and other areas can be affected. Underlying electrical outlets and supplies may be affected which can lead to fire and smoke damage, mold may develop unseen between walls, and other damage to support structures can create a major safety hazard. Fortunately, RestorePro Reconstruction can handle all of your ceiling damage restoration needs.

Floors & Carpeting Water Damage:

It is vital that you act fast. While drying and cleaning the affected area will make it appear that the water has been removed, without proper drying and extracting equipment, water can cause flooring and even subflooring issues if not properly remediated.

Finding the Root Cause:

When people traditionally consider a major damage event, they tend to think of damage brought by a hurricane or major weather event. Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to experience water damage slowly and over an extended period of time. Simple issues like a slow roof leak, or an older appliance needing to be replaced are all simple everyday items that can cause severe damage in your home or business.

Flood Damage Repair - Fayetteville, NC

Flood Damage Repair

When you contact RestorePro Reconstruction for flood repair services, a technician will come to your home quickly, usually in about an hour. We start with a thorough inspection and inventory of the damage caused and immediately begin providing whatever flood damage cleanup, flood damage repair, and flood damage restoration services are required. Contact RestorePro Reconstruction 24 hours a day to handle these and other flood damage service needs:

  • Flood Water & Storm Damage Repair
  • Structural Drying Services
  • Document Drying Services
  • Flood Damage Cleanup Inside Your Home
  • Restoration of Flood Damaged Belongings
  • Broken Pipe, Sewage Backup, & Other Flood Damage Repair
  • Direct Filing Of Insurance Claims & Billing With Your Insurance Carrier

Proactive Services for Commercial Clients

While it’s virtually impossible to plan for a restoration event at your business, over the years we have begun to help our commercial clients plan ahead for a damage event. As a client-first company, our restoration experts will come to your location and bring effective planning tools to help your and your team thrive in the event of a damage restoration event.

Our damage restoration planning services can be as simple as our Priority Service Agreements which provide you with a direct content and priority over other potential clients in the event of a large scale damage event. We also have been at the forefront of our industry by creating cutting edge technology to help our clients plan more effectively. Our Ready Action Plan software can help take your restoration preparedness to the next level by uploading pertinent documents, getting a restoration execution plan in place, and foster serious conversations on the best way to operate during an office displacement during restoration.

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