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Community Bonds Together:

We were alerted to Dan & Sally by our friends at For Garden’s Sake Garden Center and Landscaping. On Thursday, August 20th, Scott from the Garden Center noticed smoke coming from the residence of Dan & Sally, and immediately ran to assist. Dan and Sally were taken over to For Garden’s Sake Garden Center and Landscaping and given water. It was then that we were called to help Dan and Sally in any way we can. We immediately wanted to help and began planning multiple initiatives to restore their home and get them back to their life. The heavy lifting has just begun, and with your help, and the help of our amazing community, we can make a difference.

More about Dan & Sally:

How You Can Help:

The RestorePro team will be partnering up with For Garden’s Sake Garden Center and Landscaping to restore their home!. While this is going to be a large undertaking, their home isn’t the only thing that they have lost. Donations for clothes, furniture, and anything financial are greatly appreciated.

How you can help Dan and Sally:

1. Share The RestorePro Cares initiative page.
2. Give financially to the building repair costs by going to the RestorePro Cares fund and click Donate NOW (tax-deductible).    
3. Pray for favor and healing in Sally’s cancer battle

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