Crime Scene & Accident Cleanup

RestorePro provides bio scene, crime scene, accident and death cleanup services in North & South Carolina. Our professional and courteous team members can manage the cleanup and remediation of traumatic events such as homicide, suicide, accidental and unattended deaths, as well as deaths involving infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

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A Compassion First Mentality:

When you experience a traumatic event in your home or business that requires cleanup and remediation, the trauma from the incident can only be matched by the trauma you and your employees face when the remnants of the incident are still visible. In most cases, our team is on-site within an hour of your call. We will handle the entire cleanup and mitigation process keeping you informed every step of the way.

Experiencing a tragedy in your home or business that requires trauma or crime scene cleanup is a lifechanging event. This is why hiring a professional company to handle all aspects of cleanup is vital. While we’re known throughout the Carolina’s for our ability to restore homes and businesses that have experienced many forms of damage, the reason we’re the highest-ranked restoration company in North and South Carolinas has more to do with our commitment to our clients. We’re committed to providing superior work as well as having a superior client management process. This commitment to our entire process is highlighted when we help our clients cope with crime scene and death cleanup services.

Workplace Accident Cleanup: Industrial & Commercial:

North & South Carolina are home to many industrial and commercial companies. While every precaution is usually followed, workplace accidents occur. In some cases, workplace injuries involve the need for workplace cleanups associated with major accidents. Our team can be on-site within an hour, and help you and your employees through the entire cleanup process.

Getting your employees back to work in a safe environment is essential. Along with workplace cleanups that involve accidents, our team also helps disinfect and protect against COVID-19. RestorePro has a tiered response to cleaning for COVID-19. For more information about workplace cleanup solutions for accidents, and/or COVID-19, call us today.

Accident Cleanup Services for Industrial and Commercial in North Carolina