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COVID-19 Cleaning Services

Now offering free estimates on Covid-19 Cleaning Services. As regulations and mandates change in regards to COVID-19 protocols for local Charlotte, NC businesses, so have our capabilities for proper cleaning services. For over thirty years we have been a remediator of potentially hazardous substances like sewage and black mold in North Carolina. Shortly after reviewing the COVID-19 cleaning guidelines we began offering hospital-grade sanitization services to our commercial clients. We are a Certified IICRC company, and we adhere to COVID-19 tiered treatment guidelines. In conjunction with proper cleaning and sanitization for the CoronaVirus, we have created tiered services from proactive cleaning all the way down to proper sanitization techniques if the virus is present.

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Covid-19 Cleaning & Fogging in Charlotte, NC

Proactive Sanitization Services:

The best way to ensure your office or building is properly sanitized is to be proactive with your sanitization practices. We now are offering proactive fogging services for our commercial clients in Charlotte, NC. This preventative approach provides a hospital-grade disinfectant mist in all heated and heavily trafficked areas of your commercial space. While the lifespan of the CoronaVirus on surfaces isn’t 100% determined, the CDC does recommend standard sanitization guidelines for the health and safety of your employees and coworkers.

How proper Covid-19 Cleaning Protocols Affect Moral

We also believe that proactive cleaning and fogging procedures can help the mental well-being of your coworkers, tenants, and employees during these tumultuous times. We know that COVID-19 affects each person differently, and social distancing while at work is sometimes impossible. Proactive sanitization practices can add an extra layer of protection with our hospital-grade fogging services.

Covid-19 Cleaning and Sanitization

Tier 2: Virus Present but Not Confirmed COVID-19

Testing has become more prevalent and easy to get since the onset of COVID, but still, some results can take days to get back. So, what happens when someone comes down with a virus but it has not been determined to be a positive COVID case? Our COVID-19 Tier 2 Cleaning Procedure combines the hospital-grade effectiveness preventative fogging and disinfecting with an aggressive sanitization wipe-down of all touchpoints. During our cleaning procedures, all areas must be vacated. Your representative will consult with you on the best timeline to admit employees back into your office. Your RestorePro Restoration account manager will also touch base with you periodically to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of your employees. If there is an instance of a confirmed case of COVID-19, we can assist you in a Tier 3 cleaning treatment.

Tier 3: Confirmed case of onsite coronavirus

When your office or building experiences a confirmed case of onsite CoronaVirus, it’s important to act fast. Many of our commercial clients in Charlotte, NC have a priority service agreement with us and through our priority service agreements, we have helped them create a proper procedure for instances like this. When you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 the first thing to do is ensure the health and safety of your coworkers and their families. Every company is following standard protocols that do help prevent the spread of the virus. After employees have vacated the premises, we begin our fogging and extensive disinfecting and sanitization tier 3 services. All heated areas of your facility will be aggressively disinfected with EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants. If needed, after all areas have been sanitized, a licensed hygenist can test multiple areas within you facility to ensure all areas have been properly sanitized.

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