COVID-19 Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction recently began offering specialized cleaning services to assist essential businesses during the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Obtain skilled COVID-19 Cleaning in Charlotte and the Raleigh-Durham area conveniently. As a Certified IICRC company, we adhere to COVID-19 tiered treatment guidelines.

We appreciate the importance of disinfecting facilities exposed to the coronavirus. Don’t entrust commercial cleaning during the pandemic to untrained cleaners. Knowing how to clean for COVID-19 correctly proves important in maintaining a safer work environment. RestorePro Reconstruction seeks to aid essential businesses by supplying knowledgeable cleaning and sanitation services.

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Responding to a Public Health Crisis Appropriately

The issue of how to clean for COVID-19 concerns both managers and employees at this time. Many facts about the contagious Novel Coronavirus remain unresolved. It does appear that the illness impacts people in variable ways, with some individuals experiencing only mild impacts and others sustaining grave damage.

Since experts do believe the COVID-19 virus survives for some period of time on contaminated surfaces in an environment, social distancing alone won’t necessarily prevent the spread of the illness in some essential workplaces. These businesses must implement effective infection control protocols. Intelligent cleaning comprises an important component of this process.

Commercial Restoration Services in North Carolina

Our COVID-19 Cleaning Qualifications:

Our company offers the services of capable, responsible cleaners. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification represents the gold standard in training and educating cleaning firm personnel. This certification organization strives to elevate cleaning standards. For instance, it certifies companies to perform specialized types of cleaning, such as water and fire damage restoration.

Our company usually engages in restoration damage cleaning. However, in response to the current public health crisis, we re-focused our efforts. We seek to perform vital COVID-19 cleaning in Charlotte and other communities in NC. We anticipate implementing the highest possible cleaning standards to support essential businesses during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

The Importance of Proper COVID-19 Cleaning:

Why should your enterprise entrust us with your commercial cleaning at this time? We believe we represent an excellent choice. First, our company adheres to tiered cleaning protocols for COVID-19, as outlined on our website We appreciate the differences between disinfectants and cleaning agents. Rely on our technicians to help you adjust your commercial cleaning protocols to meet the specific needs of your enterprise during this challenging period.

Second, we supply our personnel with recommended protective equipment. Third, we furnish our customers with Safety Data sheets to fully inform them about disinfectants we apply. Fourth, our personnel possess formal training in the cleaning field. We believe we represent an excellent selection for any firms seeking the services of cleaning technicians with specialized skills. Fifth, we welcome post-cleaning site testing to verify the absence of COVID-19 on freshly cleaned surfaces.

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Does your business require expert COVID-19 cleaning services in North Carolina? Thorough cleaning provides a powerful tool in preventing the spread of this contagious illness. Protect your employees, business partners, and customers by obtaining skilled, accurate disinfection and commercial cleaning assistance.

Place your facilities on our regular COVID-19 cleaning roster during this tragic pandemic. Contact us today at 1-866-852-6556. We look forward to helping you!

COVID-19 Cleaning in Charlotte, NC