Water Damage Restoration - Chapel Hill, NC

Damage Restoration Services in Chapel Hill, NC

When you contact RestorePro Reconstruction, a technician will take your call and arrive quickly to handle all your water damage needs. We act fast to locate and eliminate the cause of water damage Chapel Hill NC, minimizing repair needs and protecting your property. Our emergency water damage restoration company provides these and other services for water damage Chapel Hill NC:

  • 24 Hour Availability & Fast Arrival
  • Water Damage Cleanup, Repair, & Restoration Services
  • State of the Art Water Extraction & Water Damage Tools
  • Safety Inspection, Inventory, Warehousing, Storage, & Relocation Services
  • Repair of Building Materials & Restoration Services For Furniture & Other Belongings
  • Ceiling Water Damage Repair, Sewage Backup Cleanup, Flood Damage Restoration, & Other Services For Water Damage Chapel Hill NC

Ceiling Water Damage Repair - Chapel Hill, NC

When you contact RestorePro Reconstruction for Chapel Hill NC ceiling water damage repair, a certified technician will take your call and arrive on site in about an hour to begin providing water damaged ceiling & ceiling leak repair services. Our ceiling repair water damage company will first locate and repair the initial cause of the damage. Whether your ceiling leak is caused by problems in your roof or shingles, broken or clogged pipes, excess humidity, or anything else, RestorePro Reconstruction will find and correct the problem.

After the cause has been remedied, RestorePro Reconstruction will provide whatever water damaged ceiling & ceiling leak repair services required. Our ceiling repair water damage company can make all major and minor repairs required. From ceiling spackling, drywall, and trim, to joists, beams, and supports, RestorePro Reconstruction can provide the repair services you need. We even work with your insurance company to file a claim to cover repairs as well as restoration or replacement of damaged furniture, artwork, and other belongings. When you need ceiling water damage repair in Chapel Hill NC, contact RestorePro Reconstruction.

Residential Water Damage Repair Services in Chapel Hill NC

Smoke & Fire Damage Repair - Apex, NC

If your home or commercial property sustains smoke or fire damage, contact RestorePro Reconstruction. 24 hours a day, technicians are on call to assist with your Chapel Hill NC fire damage repair and smoke damage repair needs. At RestorePro Reconstruction, safety is priority one, followed quickly by returning your business or residence to its original condition. Call 919-835-0676 or contact us online for fire & smoke damage remediation services.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Repair - Chapel Hill, NC

Safety is a priority one at RestorePro Reconstruction. We start every storm damage job with an inspection of your home or business and then get to work to keep further damage from occurring. Once your property is secure, we get started on cleanup services. Fallen trees, limbs, and other debris are cleared away and damaged areas are cleaned and sanitized. Next, we perform whatever repair services are needed to the interior or exterior of your structure. RestorePro Reconstruction can handle damage to roofs and ceilings, basements and crawl spaces, and everything in between including drywall, trim, siding, and gutters. Once the job is complete we contact your insurance company to file a claim on your behalf. Call 919-835-0676 or contact us online 24 hours a day for these and other storm damage restoration services in Chapel Hill NC:

  • Tree Removal
  • Flood Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Smoke & Fire Damage
  • Roof & Ceiling Leaks
  • Document & Structural Drying
  • Window Board Ups & Roof Tarping
  • And Any Other Chapel Hill NC Storm Damage Services You Need
Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration - Chapel Hill, NC

Mold Testing & Removal in Chapel Hill, NC

Mold growth in your business or residence can create unsafe conditions. Spores from mold of any type can cause discomfort and minor health issues, and certain types of mold can lead to major illness and even death if left unchecked. Contact RestorePro Reconstruction for mold testing & Chapel Hill NC mold removal if you experience any of these signs of mold:

  • Visible mold growth or discolored ceilings & walls
  • Musty smell, especially when HVAC is turned on
  • Previous water damage issues, water stains, ceiling leaks, or flooding
  • excessive watery eye, stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and other flu-like symptoms
Mold-Remediation-in-Chapel Hill-NC

Sewer Backup Cleanup in Apex, NC

If your septic tank overflows or sewer line backs up, contact RestorePro Reconstruction for Chapel Hill NC sewer backup cleanup and sewer damage restoration. Technicians are on call to sewage backup cleanup & sewage remediation services 24 hours a day. From sewage removal and sanitizing to repair and restoration services, RestorePro Reconstruction is the name you can count on for Chapel Hill NC sewer backup cleanup.

If sewage has contaminated your commercial or residential property, time is of the essence. Raw sewage is incredibly dangerous, containing bacteria, viruses, and disease. RestorePro Reconstruction will respond to your sewage issues anytime night or day to provide sewage backup cleanup & sewage remediation services. Our emergency water damage company is the area expert on sewer damage restoration. Contact us online or by phone at 919-835-0676 for Chapel Hill NC sewer backup cleanup, repair, and restoration.

Sewer-Backup-Cleanup-in-Chapel Hill-NC

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Chapel Hill, NC

RestorePro Reconstruction will schedule a time that is convenient to you to schedule a consultation to inspect your air duct system. Our air Chapel Hill NC commercial air duct cleaning services begin with the removal and cleaning of vent covers. From there our trained technicians use specialized tools to clean each air duct individually all the way to the HVAC system itself. RestorePro Reconstruction owns and operates the most advanced technology to perform commercial air duct cleaning in Chapel Hill NC. Our tools and technicians will free up and remove dirt, mold, dust, and other substances in your duct system. After each duct is fully cleaned we sanitize the vent covers, individual ducts, and the entire HVAC system. No matter your commercial air duct cleaning needs, trust RestorePro Reconstruction in Chapel Hill NC and beyond.

Commercial-Air-Duct-Cleaning-in-Chapel Hill-NC